Arisu Lolita & J-Fashion Market is a new, annual Japanese fashion market located in downtown Houston. On June 15, even though it was their first annual event, the space was full of local attendees, designers, artists, and vendors. There were a few brand representatives supplying fun prints and beautiful dresses from Listen Flavor and Atelier Pierrot, as well as indie brand and local vendors from inside our community.

We are so excited that this was able to be our first event as Kuroshiro Kawaii and that we could let the people of Houston see what we have in store—pun intended.

For our soft opening, we had two of our many future brands available: Q-pot. and SEX POT ReVeNGe. Both of these brands sold well, which gave us a lot of hope for the future and what more we can do for the community. When we left, it was with 2 fewer boxes, and those two boxes had held all of our available clothing stock!

We were located next to Ota-Q Apparel, run by the amazing Calliope. The contrast between our two shops gave just the right feel. The venue itself was a bit small, and a bit hot with all the frilly attendees, but everyone was able to keep hydrated and were happy with the content. There was karaoke, shopping, and raffles that included Lockshop Wigs, tickets to Magical Girl Day, and a blouse we had donated from our future brand, Metamorphose temps de Fille.

We are so very happy to have such a supportive community with us on our soft opening. Kuroshiro Kawaii plans to be at future events like this, and perhaps host some others, you’ll just have to keep an eye on our social media to see what we have in store!

Our first sale—by our good friend and supporter SugerCoatedWitchling on IG
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