Man, it has been a wild ride already! Our site has been doing well, and products are going fast. 

We started this journey a little more than 6 months ago, with two best friends having a dream to start our own business. With the connections and skills between the two of us we have been able to make that dream a reality!

We want to give a special thanks to two influencers/online personalities: Scarfing Scarves and Lovely Lor. 

Tyler (Scarfing Scarves) has known for a while about the shop and helped us out by posting our marketing research survey, which allowed us to get the information we needed to bring you the brands and products you want. She also gave us a shout out in one of her recent videos that helped us reach even more people!

Lovely Lor has also known about the shop for a while and what were trying to accomplish, but because of her busy schedule she couldn’t post for us. Out of nowhere, she gave us a shout out in her recent Lolita Horror Stories video. 

We are so glad that Tyler and Lor want to support us as a new business wanting to provide quality products and a safe environment for the entire community—while asking nothing in return. 

Another shout out to others that have helped and supported us on this venture!



Both of these lovely people helped by sharing our marketing research on their Instagrams earlier this year!

Thank you everyone! 

News on our kickstarter is coming soon!

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