Years ago, two identical twins were born to separate mothers. Their names were Kuro and Shiro.

Though identical, they express themselves through different fashions. Shy and brooding, Kuro loves punk and gothic aristocratic style, while the outgoing and goofy Shiro loves sweet lolita, casual girly fashion, and decora. They met as young children and quickly realized their similarities. They have been inseparable ever since.

Is their existence magic or destiny? Split souls or a domestic scandal? A time traveling anomaly or simple coincidence? You tell us.

Hello, all! It’s time for our first fashion show to get started.

Entitled Twin Spirits, our fashion show will focus on showing the diversity of Japanese fashion—specifically the duality of twinning black and white; punk and sweet.

We are now looking for models. This will be a community show, so feel free to submit your coordinates.

The show will be held at the Thorn and Moon Magickal Market on August 2nd (a Friday night). Models should be available from 4 pm to midnight and be able to make reliable ride arrangements to and from Avant Garden.

The actual showtime will be shared with accepted models.

We’d love to see your interpretations of Kuro or Shiro! All kinds of J-fashions welcome, and you don’t have to have a twin to join!


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