The time has come for us to ask for your help.

We are finally launching our Kickstarter! 

In order to keep bringing you the brands you love (and add to the brand list!) we’ve decided that a Kickstarter is necessary.

Our ultimate aim is to get a brick and mortar store in Katy, but we are going to start small. Our first goal will be towards more stock—specifically lolita fashion. 


To make this happen, we have collaborated with the amazing Puvithel and other local brands and artists to release supporter-exclusive merch. Show off your support in style while helping J-fashion thrive in Houston!

All through the month of August we will be posting photos and videos showing what we are about, the community and the fashion. 

So many believe that fashion is just clothing—but we know differently. The first video we will be premiering is “What does J-Fashion mean to you.” We asked members of the global community for their take on what this fashion has done and what it means to them. 

Keep an eye on your screens for updates on the Kickstarter and everything we have planned. August is a busy month!


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