We’d like to thank everyone who shared and donated to our Kickstarter! We ended with 104% funded, and we are definitely feeling the love from the community.

In the coming weeks (and months, in some cases), keep an eye out for reward surveys from Kickstarter and/or email updates from us, even if you have updated us in person. We can’t fulfill your rewards unless we get everyone’s information!

In addition, we were finally able to make a major site update to get everything working properly. We were experiencing some bugs with our other site, which basically meant that we had to switch hosts to fix them. It took a while, but everything’s up and running now and looking better than ever.

As you peruse the new site, you might notice a spattering of new LIZ LISA items, including shoes, dresses, and accessories. Take a look around! And if you want to be kept updated about new stock announcements and more, you can sign up for our emailing list at the bottom of our home page.

If you experience a bug in the current site, we urge you to let us know through our contact form.

Thank you again, and see you soon!

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