Support Our Kickstarter!

The time has come for us to ask for your help.

We are finally launching our Kickstarter! 

In order to keep bringing you the brands you love (and add to the brand list!) we’ve decided that a Kickstarter is necessary.

Our ultimate aim is to get a brick and mortar store in Katy, but we are going to start small. Our first goal will be towards more stock—specifically lolita fashion. 


To make this happen, we have collaborated with the amazing Puvithel and other local brands and artists to release supporter-exclusive merch. Show off your support in style while helping J-fashion thrive in Houston!

All through the month of August we will be posting photos and videos showing what we are about, the community and the fashion. 

So many believe that fashion is just clothing—but we know differently. The first video we will be premiering is “What does J-Fashion mean to you.” We asked members of the global community for their take on what this fashion has done and what it means to them. 

Keep an eye on your screens for updates on the Kickstarter and everything we have planned. August is a busy month!

The LIZ LISA Tea Party

With more orders on the way—and multiple important announcements—August will be a huge month for us.

As part of our August bananza, we are holding a tea party to celebrate a new brand coming to our store. This brand in particular was suggested to us quite a lot, and we’ve been able to make it happen.

Which brand, you ask?


Rounding off the Shiro side of our casual clothing, we’ve made sure to choose LIZ LISA pieces that are appropriate for this superheated Texas weather. 


The tea party will be held at McHugh Tea Room in Houston on August 10th from 10 am-12 pm, and attendees will get first pick of the stock we have for this new brand! We will have a full tea service and a popup store specifically for the attendees. There will also be a raffle.

You can buy tickets below. Each ticket is $45 and includes a full tea service and 1 raffle ticket. Additional raffle tickets will be available for purchase for $1 each at the event.

All tickets should be prepurchased as there will be no tickets available at the door. 

Dress code? Any J-fashion! Though, we do recommend wearing pink to celebrate 🙂 

Fashion Show: Twin Spirits

Years ago, two identical twins were born to separate mothers. Their names were Kuro and Shiro.

Though identical, they express themselves through different fashions. Shy and brooding, Kuro loves punk and gothic aristocratic style, while the outgoing and goofy Shiro loves sweet lolita, casual girly fashion, and decora. They met as young children and quickly realized their similarities. They have been inseparable ever since.

Is their existence magic or destiny? Split souls or a domestic scandal? A time traveling anomaly or simple coincidence? You tell us.

Hello, all! It’s time for our first fashion show to get started.

Entitled Twin Spirits, our fashion show will focus on showing the diversity of Japanese fashion—specifically the duality of twinning black and white; punk and sweet.

We are now looking for models. This will be a community show, so feel free to submit your coordinates.

The show will be held at the Thorn and Moon Magickal Market on August 2nd (a Friday night). Models should be available from 4 pm to midnight and be able to make reliable ride arrangements to and from Avant Garden.

The actual showtime will be shared with accepted models.

We’d love to see your interpretations of Kuro or Shiro! All kinds of J-fashions welcome, and you don’t have to have a twin to join!

Special Thanks

Man, it has been a wild ride already! Our site has been doing well, and products are going fast. 

We started this journey a little more than 6 months ago, with two best friends having a dream to start our own business. With the connections and skills between the two of us we have been able to make that dream a reality!

We want to give a special thanks to two influencers/online personalities: Scarfing Scarves and Lovely Lor. 

Tyler (Scarfing Scarves) has known for a while about the shop and helped us out by posting our marketing research survey, which allowed us to get the information we needed to bring you the brands and products you want. She also gave us a shout out in one of her recent videos that helped us reach even more people!

Lovely Lor has also known about the shop for a while and what were trying to accomplish, but because of her busy schedule she couldn’t post for us. Out of nowhere, she gave us a shout out in her recent Lolita Horror Stories video. 

We are so glad that Tyler and Lor want to support us as a new business wanting to provide quality products and a safe environment for the entire community—while asking nothing in return. 

Another shout out to others that have helped and supported us on this venture!



Both of these lovely people helped by sharing our marketing research on their Instagrams earlier this year!

Thank you everyone! 

News on our kickstarter is coming soon!

Arisu Lolita & J-Fashion Market

Arisu Lolita & J-Fashion Market is a new, annual Japanese fashion market located in downtown Houston. On June 15, even though it was their first annual event, the space was full of local attendees, designers, artists, and vendors. There were a few brand representatives supplying fun prints and beautiful dresses from Listen Flavor and Atelier Pierrot, as well as indie brand and local vendors from inside our community.

We are so excited that this was able to be our first event as Kuroshiro Kawaii and that we could let the people of Houston see what we have in store—pun intended.

For our soft opening, we had two of our many future brands available: Q-pot. and SEX POT ReVeNGe. Both of these brands sold well, which gave us a lot of hope for the future and what more we can do for the community. When we left, it was with 2 fewer boxes, and those two boxes had held all of our available clothing stock!

We were located next to Ota-Q Apparel, run by the amazing Calliope. The contrast between our two shops gave just the right feel. The venue itself was a bit small, and a bit hot with all the frilly attendees, but everyone was able to keep hydrated and were happy with the content. There was karaoke, shopping, and raffles that included Lockshop Wigs, tickets to Magical Girl Day, and a blouse we had donated from our future brand, Metamorphose temps de Fille.

We are so very happy to have such a supportive community with us on our soft opening. Kuroshiro Kawaii plans to be at future events like this, and perhaps host some others, you’ll just have to keep an eye on our social media to see what we have in store!

Our first sale—by our good friend and supporter SugerCoatedWitchling on IG