Kawaii in Every Size Decal - Blue x Pink Shift Holographic

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We support Kawaii for everyone. No matter who you are, feel free to display your love of kawaii with this permanent vinyl decal! 

This decal can be put on any nonporous surface--on cars, windows, water bottles--you name it! If it can stick, it will sit :)

These single-color decals measure 11.5" x 2.34" and are not removable. They are weather-resistant and should be dishwasher resistant too. This particular one goes on the outside of windows.

Instructions for use:

Use an alcohol wipe to prime the area. Ensure that the decal is well stuck to the transfer tape by running a stiff plastic object like a credit card over it a few times. Slowly peel off the transfer tape (clear side) from the backing (white side). The decal should come off with the transfer tape. If not, stop, stick the transfer tape back down and run the card over the decal a few more times.

When you have the transfer tape peeled off from the backing with the decal on it, you can discard the backing and stick the decal anywhere you want! Run the card over the transfer tape again, paying close attention to small details on the decal to ensure adhesion and remove air bubbles, then carefully peel up the transfer tape at a >45-degree angle to the surface it's stuck to. The decal should now be on your item! Congratulations!