Holiness Cameo Long Sleeve OP

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Ivory another cloth | off white lace | generate ribbon | gold print ribbon | gold blade

holiness cameo printed fabric (back satin shantin / 100% polyester), peach feuille (100% polyester), satin ribbon, organelle printed ribbon, chemical lace, tulle lace, rayon blade, bijoux, drip type charm

Button front, all back, waist elastic
can beՂ’‘_tightened with waist ribbon

-Original ribbon brooch x 1 (with other ribbon sewn)

Length: Back center to 92cm + Ruffled 10cm
Bust: 91cm
Waist: 70cm Up
Sleeve Length: 61cm + Lace 3cm
Shoulder Width: 36cm
Skirt Length: Waist ~ 55cm + Ruffled 10cm