Short Sleeve Bunny Ear Blouse - White

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Material: super soft and breathable chiffon, super comfy in the summertime!! It's best to wear with jsk, if you want to wear itself you need a tank top inside ^^

Size S: For bust between 31.5"-35.5" (80cm-90cm)
Garment shoulder 14.5" (37cm), length 22.8" (58cm)

Size M: For bust between 35.3"-39" (90-100cm)
Garment shoulder 15.4" (39cm), length 23.6" (60cm)

Size L: For bust between 39"-43" (100-110cm)
Garment shoulder 16.5" (42cm), length 24.5" (62cm)

Size XL: For bust between 43"-47" (110-120cm)
Garment shoulder 17.3" (44cm), length 25" (64cm)

Size 2XL:For bust between 47"-51" (120-130cm)
Garment shoulder 18" (46cm), length 26" (66cm)

Size 3XL: For bust between 51"-55" (130-140cm)
Garment shoulder 19" (49cm), length 26.8" (68cm)

Size 4XL: For bust between 55"-63" (140-160cm)
Garment shoulder 19" (49cm), length 27.5" (70cm)

Fitting Report:
1. Model with 116cm bust, size XL fits well.
2. Model with 136cm bust, size 3XL fits better than 2XL
3. Model with 150cm bust, size 3XL and 4XL both fit
4. Model height 5'5", weight 116lb with 32A size find size S is better than M.
5. Model 6', bust 35" reports size S fits perfet
6. Model with 48" bust, 5'2 height reports size XL fits better than 2XL
(technically size 2XL is her size, but since her shoulder width is only 40cm, size 2XL runs baggy on her)

Size Suggestions:
I suggest to go with your shoulder width. For example, if your shoulder is around 47cm but bust is 135cm, you can choose size 2XL instead of 3XL. Here is the video showing you how to measure your shoulder width (watch
from 1:50)