Heat-Resistant Half Cap Wig - Ash Brown

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Straight type five-part wig (partial wig) that makes use of your own hair and covers the entire top of your head.
*It is not a full wig.

[New Fiber]
Uses a new fiber that looks as natural as human hair.

A new item that is "more than a hair piece and less than a full wig" [5-minute wig] is now available!
Just snap on the clip to cover the entire top of your head.

*Types of wigs
Five-part wigs (partial wigs)
*Not a full wig*.
Partial wigs that make use of your own hair to cover a wide area.
This type of wig is fixed with clips.

Front of the whirlpool: approx. 20 cm
Back from the whirlpool: approx. 42 cm
Artificial skin: Yes
4 clips