Upcoming Events

We plan to vend at local events in and around Houston—and beyond! When these plans are final, we will post them here so you can find us.


05/16/2020 – Day One

Union Station Kansas City
30 W Pershing Rd

Kansas City, MO 64108

Paradiso (pair-uh-dee-so) is a two-day J-Fashion celebration in the heart of the Unites States, where any Japanese Fashion enthusiast is welcome to revel in fashion! Unlike a convention, Paradiso is a gala entirely devoted to J-Fashion, all in an elegant setting. Paradiso features designers from around the world in our fashion show and vendor booths, as well as special guests, an elegant tea party, ouji pageant, and much more.

2020’s theme is Symphonia, a harmonic realm of song and style.

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