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The community is, and what will always be, what drives our success. To get us going and bring new brands, we are asking for a little pick me up. Choose from some awesome rewards in our Kickstarter, featuring Puvithel, Twootie Tarte, and Ota-Q Apparel!

You can't do this alone!

Our story begins at a fabric store in 2013. This is where the owners met and discovered a mutual love of Japanese culture and fashion.

Fast forward to 2018—our first travel to Tokyo, Japan. 

We spent much of our time in Harajuku, frantically searching the shelves of every single Closet Child location because they had the brands that were difficult to get in the United States (and if you could find them online, expensive and time-consuming to ship through a shopping service). 

Once we got back to the US, we realized just how ridiculous it was that people have to…

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Sugar's Sweet Support!

If you love, you’ll love the Sugarcoated Witch! Throughout the month of August, she is donating every penny given to her during her streams—to us! Plus, she has incentives of her own! From watching her eat spoonfulls of hot sauce to getting to play Minecraft with the Kuroshiro Kawaii store owners, you can have fun while raising money for us. You can tune into her twitch channel below! 

Thanks to our Kickstarter supporters!

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