Japanese fashion for the Houston, TX community.

Hey, all! We at Kuroshiro Kawaii want to ensure that the entire community in the Houston, TX area has access to quality Japanese fashion. We pride ourselves on having real connections to brand owners and designers, including Japanese, indie, and self-care brands. 

We are currently located at:

589 S Mason Rd
Katy, TX

The name.

Kuroshiro Kawaii—it’s a name with multiple facets.

When we were deciding on a name, we wanted one that would reflect the duality of the fashions we offer while at the same time being recognizable and inviting to the typical American in the area.

The “kuro” in our name stands for punk, gothic, EGL, and visual fashion; while “shiro” stands for elegant, princely, and sweet lolita and ouji fashions. It also reflects another duality that is important to the attitude of our shop: good and evil, angel and devil, order and chaos. The words “kuro” and “shiro,” and their associated meaning in kanji, really pin down what we wanted for the look and feel of our shop and the brands we want to carry. 

“Kawaii” is a word commonly known and familiar to most Americans, and reflects a large portion of the styles we will carry: kawaii and Harajuku styles.

The owners.

Collin has been a part of the Japanese fashion community for over 12 years, many of which he worked at local anime conventions to gain contacts with designers and models from many industries. Until 2022, he worked as Director of Fashion with Oni-Con, an anime convention located in Galveston, TX bringing new guests every year to the greater Houston area.

Kal has been a part of the fashion community since 2016 and is a professional portrait and fashion photographer. He has worked with many brands, designers, and models during his time as staff photographer for Oni-Con.

Kuroshiro Kawaii is in no way affiliated with Oni-Con, and they will remain separate entities.