Anxiety Angel Thigh Highs - Gold x Black

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From Puvithel:

Come lay your anxieties on me.
Worry no more.

~(( .You survived. ))~

Thigh-highs are very stretchy and very long, but fit is more limited by comfort than by stretch. Dark colors may appear lighter when worn (see photo), but in general colors don‰ۡóÁÌ_́ÌÎ_í�ÌÎÌ__Ì_•À_ÌÎÌ_ÌÎ__ÌÎ_‰ۢÌÛ_ÌÎÌ_ÌÎ_ÌÎÌ___ÌÎ_̴ÌàÌÎÌ_ÌÎ_Ì__t fade when worn. Due to the nature of sublimation printing, there may be minor print differences.

Please note there are some minor printing flaws on some of the thigh highs.

Unfortunately the print quality of this batch was lower than typically expected. We are working on it and looking for a new printer.