Baa Baa JSK Set - Purple

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Size choices:
True to Size, please don't go size up.
S: good for human bust 78-88cm
M: good for human bust 86cm-96cm
L: good for human bust 94-106cm, bust 106cm fits comfortably
XL: good for human bust 105cm-136cm/41"-53.5", bust 49" fits comfortably with extra room, bust 53.5" fits comfortably.
2XL: good for human bust 130-150cm/51"-59"
The dress has waist tie, no limits on waist

Fitting Report:
- Model with 47" bust reports size XL fits comfortably. Size 2XL is loose on bust part.
- 2 customers with 49"/125cm bust report size XL fits comfortably.
- Model with 51", size XL looks to be a better fit than size 2XL.
- Model with 59" bust fits 2XL comfortably, size XL can fit in but zipper is not at the right place.

1. This dress plus size version has 1 pocket.
2. Fabric Safety: eco-friendly dyeing method, AZO free.
3. Two buttons on the dress to hang the cloud bag on the dress!

This dress is made from pure cotton fabric. It wrinkles easily. Suggest to iron before put on. Natural fabric is way more expensive than polyester also difficult to take care. So if you don't like cotton fabric, please please please please don't buy!!!!