Chimu Cat Long Sleeve T-shirt - Black

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Started to carry from this season. Don't miss the slightly dark and slightly cute world woven by the Chimu cats who live in the eerily cute world of the new brand [ Qim / Chimu ]. Wearing a dress for going out, Chimu stands up in a pose. The Chimu cats are adorable and unbearable.

Women: 3XL size equivalent
Men: equivalent to size XL
Can be worn by both men and women.
Unisex size is adopted.

[Shoulder width: approx. 50 cm]
[Sleeve length: approx. 61.5 cm]
[Sleeve cuffs: approx. 12.5 cm]
[Body width: approx. 56 cm]
[Total length: approx. 73 cm]

Material / component: *100% cotton