Chocolate Smartphone Ring

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Motif: H 4.5 x W 4.3 x D 0.9 cm

[Read before ordering]

This product is not intended to completely protect your smartphone from scratches and impacts.
We can not take any responsibility in our shop for any failure that occurred while using this product.
When installing, please wipe off dirt, oil and so on from the mounting point before sticking.
We can not use for leather soft silicon case and case or terminal with unevenness and rough with adhesion side. In addition, there is a possibility that the terminal which does mirror finish weakens adhesion.
When peeling off this product, the body may be scratched or paint or seal may be peeled off together. Also, depending on the place of use, usage, and aging, glue residue may stick to the main unit when it is peeled off.
Please use after carefully reading the attached note.