Evangelion x ACDC RAG: Evangelion T-Shirt - "Don't Run Away!"

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Don’t run away! Bold print
Finally collaborated with the popular anime "Evangelion"!
Expand the world of POP Harajuku EVA unique to ACDC RAG♪
The bold design that printed the words in the play of Shinji Ikari has a big impact ◎
T-shirt that can be worn like a dress with a super BIG size feeling♪
It is recommended for pair coordination because it is OK to wear in unisex!

[Shoulder width: about 63cm]
[Chest measurement: Approximately 122cm]
[Length: Approximately 82cm]
[Sleeve length: Approximately 27cm]

Model: [CY8ER / Fujishiro Anna 172cm / Slim]
Material: [Polyester]
Lining: [none]
Stretch of fabric: [Yes]
Transparent feeling of fabric: [None]