Fluffy Birds Halter Dress Swimsuit - Teal

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Splish splash – our Fluffy Birds are having a fun day cooling down in the water, and you can join them!

Whether you are more the type to enjoy a thrilling ride on a rainbow waterslide, have fun playing with your friends or just relax on a pool float, you will look super kawaii while doing so in this figure-flattering halter dress swimsuit with a rainbow waist belt and the sweetest summery Fluffy Bird print.

Please note: The "waist belt" part of this swimsuit is not as stretchy as the rest of the fabric. We recommend ordering one or two sizes larger so the swimsuit will fit over your hips! (Waistband width for size L is 91 cm.)

Measurements (Flat)

Bust: ~47-58 cm
Waist: 47-51 cm
Waist Belt: 48-53 cm
Hips: 50-62 cm