Kuroshiro Kawaii x Puvithel Kickstarter Pin Bundle

Kuroshiro Kawaii x Puvithel Kickstarter Pin Bundle

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We‰۪re on our way to a physical location
The Kickstarters over and done, our supporters have received their rewards, and we have spent the last few months looking for a home to settle down in.

As always, we want to be transparent with all of you. Our Kickstarter was a huge success, and it surpassed our wildest dreams. We were able to use all of our donations to purchase a large order of Enchantlic Enchantilly so we can start bringing you the brands you want.

But our journey isnt stopping there.

When we first met to talk about the direction we wanted Kuroshiro Kawaii to go, we knew we wanted a physical location. It was always the ultimate goal and traveling to events, going to meetups, and hosting tea parties were only some of those means to that end.

However, starting a business is expensive. Because of your support (and that of some generous investors), we‰۪ve been able to find a location, apply, and be approved. We‰۪re only missing a little bit before we can pull the trigger and start realizing our original dream.

Because of bulk ordering requirements for some of our Kickstarter tiers, we have the wallpapers as well as a limited number of supporter buttons, Puvithel pins, Twootie Tarte soaps, and Ota-Q shirts for the taking. Like our Kickstarter tiers, these items will be sold in sets.

If you missed the Kickstarter, or just want to support us more, we encourage you to take a look at these new items on our website. All of the profits made from these sales will go toward our deposit and buildout fund for our new home. And on that note, these items will not be eligible for sales or coupons.

We hope to see you soon!