Lapin Labyrinthe Issue #1

Lapin Labyrinthe Issue #1

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The newest J-fashion magazine! 

Get your hands on this small-size magazine featuring Royal Princess Alice, outfit snaps, wonderful photos, a manga, EGL art, and more!

[Japanese version.]

A5 page size; Full color; 120 pages.


Lapin Labyrinthe x Royal Princess Alice Royal Princess Alice
7th Anniversary Memorial Special
[Midori Fukasawa] [Arikamiu]
[Erie] [Matsuka]
[ Aberu] [ Girlish Watercolor Painter Tama]

Fascinating Gallery Doll's beckoning [Potre photo corner]
Girl labyrinth investigates the beginning [Let's start Lolita! ]
Wonderful Star [Hagiwara silver work]
dazzling girl of magic [Lolita Corde introduction]
Gothic And Lolita Market
Marywest ☆
▪️A5 size full-color 120P