Marine Bear Blouse

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Cute bear ears adorn the back of the collar, and are removable! This blouse coords well with the Marine Bear series, but can be worn with many different dresses. 65% polyester/35% cotton Length: BC-51cm(20.0in)+frill 3cm(1.1in) / BNP-51.5cm(20.2in)+frill 3cm(1.1in) Bust: 95cm(37.4in) ~ max approx. 100cm(39.3in) Waist: 81cm(31.8in) ~ max approx. 88cm(34.6in) Sleeve Length: 24cm(9.4in)+frill 3cm(1.1in) Cuffs: 30cm(11.8in) Shoulders: 35cm(13.7in