Marine Bear Sailor OP - Yellow

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These cute bears are ready to go sailing, looking to the sea for adventure! This is a fun series for going out and making memories. The collar detail on this dress matches the bears! 100% polyester Length: BC-91cm(35.8in)+frill 5cm(1.9in)/ BNP-91cm(35.8in)+frill 5cm(1.9in) Bust: 94cm(37.0in) ~ max approx. 110cm(43.3in) Waist: 78cm(30.7in) ~ max approx. 97cm(38.1in) Sleeve Length: 23cm(9.0in)+frill 4cm(1.5in) Cuffs: 30cm(11.8in) plus stretch Shoulders: 35cm(13.7in) Skirt Length: WL-55cm(21.6in)+frill 5cm(1.9in)