Melty Hospital OP With Apron - Red

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pretty accustomed raise your medicine
sweet steeped in cute delusion
would melts until the tip of finger
world everyone yours
princess Where should I go in my mood?
However, the effect is only for one night
. Don't forget to make a reservation for a medical examination ...


Outer material: [Melty Hospital (Tama collaboration)] Printed decine (100% polyester)
Lining: 100% polyester
Apron part: [Melty Hospital (Tama collaboration)] Printed decine ( (100% polyester)

? Length: Approx. 98 cm
? Bust: Approx. 91 cm
? Waist: Approx. 86 cm
? Sleeve length Approx. 60 cm
? Shoulder width Approx. 36 cm
? Apron width: Approx. 34.5 cm
? Apron length: Approx. 33.5 cm
(Chest ribbon) Detachable)