Menherachan x ACDC RAG Sailor Shirt - Pink

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Mix of Yami Kawaii and Harajuku Emo-punk style
3rd very popular Menhera Chan Collection collaboration
Long-sleeve Yamakawa sailor T-shirt full of different punk elements
Available in two colors: black and pink
2 WAY specifications that can be used as short sleeves
Recommended to wear the same collection skirts and leg warmers as a set.

■ Size:
→ [Shoulder Width: about 45 cm]
→ [Chest Circumference: about 100 cm] 
→ [Length: about 62 cm]
■ Model: [144cm/ slender] [178cm/ slender]
■ Material: [Polyester]
■ Lining: [None]
■ Elasticity: [None]
■ Sheerness: [None]
■ Clothes Care: [Machine or hand wash up to 30 degrees]