Summon BIG Long Sleeve Cutsew - Turquoise x Purple

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[Shokan BIG Long Sleeve Cut and Sew] The
popular BIG cut and sew is now available with long sleeves!
The loose comfort and moderate thickness of the fabric, which is unique to BIG size, is perfect for this season.

● Graphic ● The
twin cats with the power of the devil were summoned in a mysterious flame.
A graphic with an outstanding presence that the sharp cat's eyes shine on the sleeves!
The vivid gradation color is cute!

● Quality / Quality material ●
100% cotton

● Color / Color ●
Black / White + Blue-Pink-Purple Grade (10104)
Black / White + Blue-Green-Purple-Blue (10106)

Height 81cm
Width 63cm
Sleeve Length 65cm
shoulder width 56cm