Twootie Tarte Face Mask

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Part of our Twootie’s Merch for 2021, this Twootie Tarte face mask is prefect for anyone looking to take their commitment to public safety to the next level! 

This mask comes with a diamond weaved pattern on the interior, as well as an embedded metal piece made to blend to your unique nose and remain closely attached to your face. The ultra-soft EVA elastic material straps are sure to prevent any behind-the-ear rash, and are adjustable to fit most every size head (size not tested on infants/small children). 

This is the Cadillac of masks, seriously. Breathes super easy, feels amazing, and is a face mask that actually includes a metal strip for the bridge of the nose. 

TLDR: This ultra-comfortable cotton mask is the perfect way to tell others you’re not only more stylish, but a part of the best fandom in the world!