Wochi Mizu Button Down Shirt - Grey

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[Dark Japanese pattern "Ochimizu" collection _] A slightly gloomy and dark collection
with goldfish, eyeballs, and organs ! A Japanese-style shirt with kimono sleeves _ With tassel and chain _

_ Size: [Shoulder width: Approx. 47 cm] [Chest circumference: Approx. 132 cm] [Length: Approx. 76 cm] [Sleeve length: Approx. 60 cm]
_ Model: [163 cm / slender] [187 cm / slender]
_ Material: [Polyester]
_ Lining: [ None]
_ Fabric elasticity: [None]
_ Fabric sheer: [None]

* Since the size is measured horizontally, there may be some errors.
* It may look different from the actual color depending on your monitor environment.
* Color fading and color transfer may occur.